Suomy Extreme Dragon Review

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Well i got my Suomy Extreme the other day and so far i LOVE IT....
It IS noisy as fuk, but i think thats more because of these new ear plugs im using, even my Vemar is extra loud with them. There are certain angles that when you turn your head the Suomy is SOOOOOO loud its insade.
So ill re-asses with a new pair soon. i was talking to a guy that rocks em and he agrees it miight be the ear pro because theyre not that much louder.
I finally got a chaance to open up the vents on a ride, and man, that thing flows sooooooooo much air its insane, that front vent by your nose feels like a fan blowing air.. yes that much air flow. Prior to yesterday i rode around with both vents shut, NO FOGGING at all.
I have tried both the clear visor and the smoked one and neithe rone would fog up. even at standstill, the nose mask is small, but effective. for me atleast. Speaking of the Visor, the clear one is one of them visors or coating that ENHANCES the lighting, i was riding around before the sun went down and it was actually brighter with the visor down then up. The smoked visor, psshhhh, God help you if you get caught at night with that thing, because Mtec 4750k bulbs, streetlights and the car next to me didnt make a difference, i still only saw about 10-15 feet infront of me. With that being said, daytime riding is always cool. I cant wait till the summer to experience it on a day with blazing sun, because its like you could look at the sun and not get temporary reticle burn.
I have one of them visor stickers that run across the top and that only makes it better.
Field of view is excellent, A+, My Shoei's that i had or tried cant touch Vemar and Suomy with the field of view, RF-1000 included, much wider opening, lane change over the shoulder glances are a breeze, i dont think i can see the side of the opening at all with the lid on. With my Vemar however, looking down to like zip up my jacket was a chore sometimes as the chin part of the helmet sometimes blocked my view, it was as if it was designed with a taller chin that most lids, or mayeb it was just the way it fit my long grape. But the Suomy, completely and truely the best view ive ever had, even in full tuck with my sticker robbing the top 1" of visibility, i could still see clearly.

Weight is only comparable to Arai and Vemar, incredibly light, but i think the nod goes to my vemar, its still the lightest lid ive ever had, or tried. but the Vemar also had a smaller shell, so maybe thats a factor.
The cheekpads, the neck pads liner all snap out easily for size chanegs and cleaning.
The only tip is, the little snaps, if you wash the liner in the wahing mashine, take them out, one of mine fell out and i had to go search the machine and luckily i found it.

Suomy accesories are ridiculously expensive. The only thing the lid lacked was a chin curtain, well a lot of people insist they arent made, but i went to cycle gear and looked thru the catalog myself, and IT IS listed. but was like $40 i think, so you know what i did, they suggested i try the Shoe curtian, and it snapped right in, saved on that, it was like $13 or something.

So when you get a suomy dont byuy a suomy chin curtin, plus ive been told that its tiny, the Shoei one is big, it has to touch your face to put the lid on, so thats a good thing, the lid is also, just a tad quieter with the curtain. Changing the visor on mine is a PITA tho, for some reason the left side cover is a biatch to get back on, the popping it and switching the actual visor is a breeze, if you dont have the little tool handy id imagine you could use something else, but it fits perfect in there and pops off the sides. But with mine putting the L side one back on took me an eternity, damn near 30mins the 1st time, but i figured out a lil trick and got it on in like 5 mins the last time. Other than that the the only bad thing i can think of is the spolier/vent peice that is on the top, feels flimsy, or soft is the better word, feels like if your not careful you could damage it or crack it and ruin the beautiful paint.

Well the graphics, speak for themselves, people stare like a mofo at it, i guess its not very common around here, i know ive yet to see one. But i love my Suomy Extreme and i would buy another. Im definately keeping the Vemar.
Oh and whoever siad the alcantara lining doesnt feel good, probably has gator skin on their face, that thing is like a soft velvet pillow on your face.
Aerodynamics is excellent too, at certain angles the helmet seems to find a "spot" in the wind and just sits completely still, no pulling up or pushing down, then one tilt and it pushes down, but not excessively. just a gently push.

Here a quick shot of mine...
Suomy Extreme Dragon Review

Sorry about the long review, more pics of it and the insides.

Suomy Extreme Dragon Review

the clear visor
Suomy Extreme Dragon Review

the smoke visor
Suomy Extreme Dragon Review

the removable liner
Suomy Extreme Dragon Review

Shoei RF1000 chin skirt/curtain
Suomy Extreme Dragon Review

Suomy Extreme Dragon Review


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