Respro Foggy Mask's are in stock!

Respro Foggy Masks are in stock!

Respro Foggy Mask • Just $24.99 plus tax

Respro® have come up with a uniquely practical concept that's 99.9% effective and is superb value for money. It works with full face crash helmets, is easily fitted and once in place, never has to be removed except for the occasional machine wash. It requires no maintenance, none at all!. You simply fit it and forget it. If you are still lifting up your visor whilst stationary at traffic lights, then get a Foggy® Breathguard.

Odd, since it works great with my Exo 1K. It'll work with KBC helmets too, and also with any helmet that has a microfiber cheekpad. As was stated above, if velcro sticks to your cheekpad, it'll work.

Once you get it set up to fit your face, you're good to go. Part of the key to doing that is get the top of it as far up over the flare of your nose as possible. If you can see more than the bridge of your nose with the helmet and foggy on, it isn't far enough up on your face. Take your time, use the bathroom mirror to help position it, and adjust. If it doesn't work, you didn't set it up right.

Respro Foggy Masks are in stock!


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