lets see your helmets!!

I guess I waited long enough.. Here is the OGK!!!!

Whats up. Well i got the helmet airbrushed made by this cat that lives in canada. I tried looking for people that do airbrushing but nobody in my area would airbrush a helmet. They told me its very hard work and it takes up alot of time. They rather do murals on cars or do t-shirts instead. Well this guy in canada does everything , motorcycle helmets, motorcross helmets and even hockey helmets. He told me he did some hockey helmets for some guys in the NHL. The helmet is an JHC CL-14. He works on the complete helmet u just gotta give him a sketch or picture of what u want and add details if you wish. I paid $425.00 for the work, plus the cost of the helmet.( I know its alot of $ but i enjoy freaking people out) Heres another pic that i wanted on my helmet but he doesnt do the same pic twice. He likes the helmet to be unique , no copies. The good thing is You can see through the visor. At night u wont see anything ,Unless theres alot of street lights in your city.


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me again!! i love this helmet first one was a Ti-Tech and this Rossi Moto GP is an XR2 i like the fit on the xr2 better



Anyone know what kind of helmet this is? I took this picture in Japan two years ago while I was walking around.

shoei x-eleven.. fits nicly!!


I have the icon mainframe manic. With the dragon on it. Oh wait i have a pic or two..

I dont have this visor anymore i have the smoke one.

the ones i want next are both on here. The icon with the weird colors and the lil people and that black icon with the ash or whatever its called. I think ima stick with icon i love the way they fit.


While riding my last season's R6:

...and the back of it as of today with the Eu-Ro sticker:



it's not much but here it is

The Shark RSI lid for 08!

here's my Shoei XR-1000 with a "chrome" visor:
Here's me lid. High-visibility ftw. It's a HJC CL-15. Fits my head great, and at $90 it was a good deal. Maybe I'll feel differently when I have loads of money to throw around, but I don't really understand how/why people spend so much money on helmets. This one is perfectly comfortable for me.

No Flash:


I want one of these lol

nice....like the eternal saint helmet as well
06' Orange/Black Tribal

cropped from a bigger pic. Waited 6 months for this helmet to ship...but i love it!



here's mine

yea it looks great wiht red/white bike

a quick pic of my younger brother posing for me. (mind the gloves, they were at home)

here is mine just got it


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lets see your helmets!! 
lets see your helmets!! 
lets see your helmets!! 
lets see your helmets!!
This is my collection,I love the Shoei XSp's
lets see your helmets!! 
lets see your helmets!! 
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lets see your helmets!!
This is my work helmet

lets see your helmets!!
This is my playtime helmet

 lets see your helmets!!

lets see your helmets!!

only picture I have of one of them on my phone..

Posted this in the 1-piece thread too, but oh well.

lets see your helmets!! 
Picked up a Icon Eternal Saint helmet as well.

lets see your helmets!! 

lets see your helmets!!

My Arai on a trip across Greece and Balkans :)

4021km in total and zero problems... The whole trip was amazing

lets see your helmets!!


don't have any of it on it's own....


lets see your helmets!!


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