Why So Stylish? The Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit by UD Replicas

Order a custom-made motorcycle suit worthy of Christian Bale. Raspy Batman voice not included.

Finally, using this Dark Knight replica motorcycle suit, you can pretend you're on a Batpod. Last year, UD Replicas created 1000 custom-made suits which quickly sold out. The suits have finally arrived to the those who've ordered them, and the incredible reception has inspired UD Replica owner David Pea to accept orders once again for a limited time.

The replica motorcycle suit includes a Dark Knight emblem-embedded leather jacket. The jacket is lined with lightweight interior lining, molded-leather and real Kevlar armor. The suits also come with pants that feature heavy-duty Spandex and CE-approved armor. The best parts of the suit are the authentic gloves and boots which are based on the original suit designs in the movie.

Suits are available in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL and are 1,098 USD.

UD Replicas are accepting exclusive orders starting today until May 8th directly through their website. Get them before they're gone!

The Dark Knight Replica Motorcycle Suit

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