Dark Knight Biker Gear Pops a Nerdy Wheelie

A costume replica creator has taken a gutsy step — blending two cool concepts into a striking, yet potentially nerd-injuring, combination.

Usually, riding a motorcycle is a guy’s way of looking tough — of capturing that rebellious spirit personified by Marlon Brando, Easy Rider or Fonzie. Meanwhile, The Dark Knight incarnation of Batman represents a lone, dark protector of the innocent.

But when you mix the two (creating a sort of potentially injurious Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup), you end up with a lot of comic book geeks on Kawasakis getting their cracked skulls handed to them by the less-than-admiring gangs at Sturgis.

UD Replicas got permission from Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Comics to produce the Dark Knight motorcycle suit, a re-creation that the designers say “conveys the strength, elegance and awesome power of Batman.”

While the suit is road-safe and indisputably detailed, it could also nullify any cache of sexuality riding a motorcycle provides. Unless you’re cruising for chicks near the San Diego Convention Center in July, the ladies might look askew at a guy winking at them with Batarangs on his wrists. (The woman in the publicity shot doesn’t count, as her glasses clearly indicate she’s visually impaired.)

UD is limiting production of the suits to 1,000, thus capping the number of would-be superheroes that will need to have handlebars removed from betwixt their buttocks due to encounters with the Hells Angels.

Image courtesy UD Replicas


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