The Olympics Are Here…And So Are the Hotties From Team USA


Did you know the Olympics start tonight?

I can’t imagine how you would have any idea. It’s not like there has been a billion commercials/news stories/a total media frenzy surrounding the event.

I guess I am sorta excited; lord knows the Summer games are far more exciting than the random ice events (bobsledding? curling?) of the Winter Olympics. I love watching the gymnastics and diving – those people are amazing. Oh, and of course swimming is super exciting, what with Michael Phelps – a fellow Wolverine – dominating the pool.

But the rest is just sorta boring. Why would I care if the U.S. had the best fencers? And who really feels pride in knowing their country can row the fastest? What do the Olympics have to offer that is worth getting out of the pool early to watch?

How about hot guys?

I know, I know; the Olympics are all about strength, agility and lots of hard work. They are about bringing the world together in a little “friendly” competition. They are about finding the world’s best athletes and celebrating them. But, come on, what’s wrong with watching for a little eye candy?

So, I scoured the internet to find the hottest US athletes. Something that I, as an American Woman, can be proud of. If you couldn’t think of a reason to watch the games, I found you 12. Grab some snacks and settle in; you are not gonna want to miss a thing.



Brad Vering

Sport: Wrestling

This wrestler is a little shorter than my taste, but he looks damn good in that spandex jumpsuit (yes, even with the blood) and I can only imagine what kind of moves he can bring to the bedroom. Pin me, Vering.




Dave Boudia

Sport: Diving

He’s a baby – only 19 – but how cute is that smile? And that itty bitty Speddo? And those muscles? Diving is my favorite summer Olympic sport and Boudia just makes me more excited to watch.




David Oliver

Sport: Track and Field

Not only is this fine specimen of American beef one sexy dude, but he is even hot when he’s sweaty! (No pun intended.) And the guy is fast. I’m just looking forward to seeing him jump hurdles in those little running shorts. Rar.




Deron Williams

Sport: Basketball

He plays professional basketball for the Utah Jazz. He’s tall, successful and will be representing the USofA. That’s hot.




Darold Williamson

Sport: Track and Field

There is nothing sexier than ambition …. paired with arms like that. Run, Darold, run.




Jason Rogers

Sport: Fencing

It is a shame that helmets are required during Fencing. How can you expect me to watch if I can’t see that face?!




Demetrius Andrade

Sport: Boxing

Tall, lean and muscley. I normally don’t condone men beating each other up, but I think I can make an exception for this guy. Do you think he can wear a Speedo, too?




Nathan Adrian

Sport: Swimming

He may not be as well-known as Phelps, but he definitely takes the Gold in the looks competition.




Nicholas Symmonds

Sport: Track and Field

Midwestern charm mixed with some powerful legs (second fastest 800 meter on American Soil…ever) makes Symmonds one hot athlete to watch this year.




Robby Ginepri

Sport: Tennis

Those arms. That 5 o’clock shadow. Man, I love tennis.




Steven Lopez

Sport: Taekwondo

Not only does Lopez look goooood and know how to kick some ass, but he also loves Chocolate Molten Lava Cake. Um, perfection? Yes



Scott Parsons

Sport: Kayaking

I have never been one for boating (unless it’s a Yacht), but that all changed when Parsons got in the game. What I wouldn’t give to be that paddle right about now….


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