Did you know this?...

I've lived in only two places my entire life:  Fresno, California and Vancouver, British Columbia.  Because of this....my network of friends are two very different...but strong, communities.  I was thinking the other day....what's something that my Fresno crew knows about me....that my Vancouver crew would possibly be surprised to know.

As I thought about it....it came to me!

I love riding motorcycles!

Did you know this about me, Vancouver crew?  Through college, I was an avid motorcycle rider...only to give it up when I needed money to buy a wedding ring for Heidi.  I sold the bike...and bought the diamond.



Some of the best moments I've ever had...are on a motorcycle.  Man, I miss those days...the feeling of crisp wind in the face, the open road, leaning into curves in the Sierra Nevada and riding with my back to a golden sunset.  Wow, this blog is really getting me thinking about bikes again....

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