Businesses on the Trail

What a neat little site this is! It has info on the businesses on the Cabot Trail Area.  I started the link off with a cool place that bikers like to check out – Leatherworks.  I think I saw one of those goat hair (just kidding – I don’t know, alpaca, muskox, ??) seat cover things when I was driving by the other day.  They are right by the Clucking Hen (suggested stop for a coffee, or even swap that out for a fish chowder, yum).

I’m just throwing out neat places or people – if you are a biker and know a good spot for the rest of us to stop, please comment or email me to post it.

/up_files/image/Article/2011/04/20/37472521.jpgThis is Emily working at the Clucking Hen.

 At only 17, Emily is an avid motorcycle rider.  I heard lots about Emily as I was dropping into the Clucking Hen all the time, while setting up the whole T-shirt project at Coastal Waters.  Emily was raised in a motorcycle family that publishes the Motorcycle Mojo magazine.  I just subscribed, and it doesn’t matter where in the world you live – Glenn (Emily’s Dad)  seems to have a documented trip of it.  The reason I’m so interested in following Emily’s trips, is that I want my entire family to ride together some day.  Emily tells me she’s riding the Tail next year (Dragon’s Tail – Deal’s Gap, North Carolina, USA).  She’s pumped!  …and that’s what I mean – name another 17 yr old that is excited already for next year’s summer vacation with their parents.  I sure they’ll publish a story of the ride in the Magazine, but I’ll ask for the inside scoop from Emily and she can totally keep the tradition by being a journalist as well.   Here’s Glenn’s Deals Gap Adventure from a couple years ago with some photos as they tested a couple bikes – rough life eh?

This is The Clucking Hen, just after the Englishtown Ferry Junction when you're going Counter Clockwise.


This is a nice stop. I don't think it's a franchise - Do you have any Herring Chokers were you're from? Click to see inside!

 Wreck Cove:

This is a cool looking General Store. They've got fuel, lobster sandwiches, really nice leather jackets, books, magazines, etc. I got myself an ice cream and a few good stories :)


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