sport bike touring: Great Basin Saddlebag on Ducati Monster 1100

Giant Loopers,

Here are some pics I took of the Great Basin on an 1100 Monster. The bag fits nicely on the pillion, but may contact the mufflers if you're not careful. The owner of this bike (shown for scale, Dave) plans on some carbon fiber cans that won't get too hot. I'm testing a Leo Vince carbon on my bike and it's amazing how cool it stays. One other consideration is that Ducati, in their mania for minimalism, left little to run the straps around. Turns out you can run the leftmost strap under the fender and over to the rightmost buckle and vice versa. For a street bike, that should be enough. Note that for the pics the straps are around the turn signals. If you'd like more pics of the same bike in its red livery, lemme know.

Have a great week,


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