Australia: Sport Bike Rider (Yamaha FZ6R) Says Giant Loop Great Basin Saved His Motorcycle & His Leg

We've had several similar stories, but we especially like this one from Australian rider Adam:

"Today I dropped my Yamaha Fz6r bike at 40-50 kmh on a downhill corner and slid into a barrier while I had your Great Basin Saddlebag on the rear seat. I had wet weather gear stowed in the sides."

"Your product performed amazingly, there is no visible damage to it + it acted as a barrier, in conjunction with the T-Rex sliders I have, to prevent damage to my bike. Also, the clearance provided by the filled side bags helped to provide space under the side of the bike to ensure my legs weren't crushed by the weight of the bike when they were trapped underneath."

"Only damage- a bent brake pedal and grazed swing arm from impacting the barrier, and a few bruises."

"Here are some shots from the day: beforehand parked up with the saddlebags; immediately after we got the bike back up on two wheels, praising your awesome product!; and the mark left behind by the slider when the bike went sideways."

"The accident happened between Apollo Bay and Winchelsea, in the Ottways, Victoria Australia.

"I think my riding buddy may end up getting your Great basin bags for her bike after she saw how they performed!"

"Congrats and thanks for an awesome product! Once again, thanks heaps!"

"Kind regards, Adam"

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