S10 Respirator, seeking instructions on maintenance and sizing?

I was bought an s10 gas mask by my brother last week (LATE xmas pressie).

I have fitted it to the point where it is relatively tight, yet air still leaks in when i do the seal test! it is a size 1, which is apparently large. Ill inhale as far as comfortable and hold it for about 10 seconds. After about 6, i can feel the mask loosening a bit, at 10 seconds, when i take my hand off the apperature, theres still a bit of air entering, but noticably smaller amount compared to the original inhalation.

I am male, 5'11, medium build, so my head isnt big-big, but its not small either. I did a quick hat measurement of about 57cm.

Is this gas mask too big, or am i just not fitting it right? would a big gas mask still work if you pull it tight enough? is that amount of leakage nothing to worry about?

i know its an old mask, 1988! way past its shelf life. could it be valve failure?

is it ok to submerge the mask to wash it, or damp cloth only? its filthy, full of dust from the shop.

Additional Details

just to note, the seal doesnt pass my hairline and i shave.

3 years ago

@ margaret

when i put the mask on and inhale, doing the test (yes i do remove the filter) the mask sucks to my face.

I can see in the mirror that the rubber gives way under the pressure of the suction. I can only inhale a small amount, but i can see the mask change shape slightly. a vacuum is definately formed, but it doesnt stay for very long, i notice a gradual leak back into the mask, but not a very big one. After 10 seconds of vacuum, if i remove my hand, there is still a small vacuum, but not as strong as the original one.

does this mean the mask isnt going to work then? i cant say im suprised since apparently it was £25, made in 88 and came with no certificate.

the centre of the rubber straps is in the middle of the back of my head and the straps go as far as comfortable. its pretty tight, all the straps are under tension, bottom ones the most, then the middle, then the top the least.

3 years ago



there could be a number of factors, try this;
slacken off all the straps, place the s10 over the face and retighten the straps one at a time making sure that the part where all the straps meet is in the centre of the back of your head, make sure that you do not trap any hair. if there is a
canister attached to the s10 this should be removed first.
once you are happy that it is fitting snugly, place your hand over the canister opening and try breathing in. if you are able to breathe in then the s10 is either the wrong size or it is
no good. as for washing, take off the canister because if that gets wet it is no good, then in luke warm water with a soft cloth you can wash the s10, it can be rinsed off in water but it
must be thoroughly dried with a soft cloth.
the reason i know so much is 15 years experience as an
N B C instructor in the army
i hope the information is helpful