Ski-Doo Modular 2 Helmet Review

dsc_0001This helmet exceeded my expectations. It has allowed me to ride comfortably in very cold weather.

Yes, this is a snowmobile helmet but it has a DOT 218 rating. 

For civilian use I wholeheartedly recommend this helmet. I got it for about $290 bucks (not bad). 

For police however, it has some annoying features which will detract from  radio communications (see below).

The use of this helmet for police duty will be predicated on cold weather  alone. I have ridden in 10 degrees F comfortably. dsc_0003

This photo depicts the front vent, which I generally  leave open.

To the sides of the vent are the buttons which push in towards the vent to unlock the front, which allows you to raise the front (the whole point of a modular helmet).

The decision to employ the modular helmet was based on better interaction with people without having to constantly remove your helmet. Essential for police applications. 


Here you can see the lever which slides down the sun shield. In the photo it is in the down position, sun shield down. Simply push the lever up toward the back and it retracts.

I don’t know why more manufacturer’s don’t offer this option. Many times I have used this feature while riding to accomodate changing situations, quickly and safely.

I wear prescription glasses so I particularly appreciate this feature. I find myself riding with the sun shield down most of the time during the day.


Here the front is raised. Notice the flap hanging from the top.

This helps keep the under-draft in check.

There are magnets in the lower portions on both sides which help keep them up when the front is down.

The drawback is it interferes with your view when in the up position and can get a little annoying. 


The chin strap has a buckle latch which is nice. It makes it easy to unlock with one hand and snaps securely when inserted.

Just push the red button and the latch pops out.

Adjust the strap once to your fit and you are good to go. No fuss.


Here is a view of the underside with the front flap held in place by magnets. You can see this configuration is set up to keep out draft; and it does it well.

I have ridden in single digit wind chills and this helmet has performed nicely.


Rear vent with reflective strip (nice touch).   







Side vents for the facemask port. As you breath through the face mask the air goes through the tube and out of the helmet.

No fogging.  


 Facemask. Notice circular opening on both ends. Breath goes through tubes and out of helmet, see above picture.

Facemask is secured to helmet with button latches.

Facemask can be removed completely or just one side unbuttoned if your front is up and you need to talk to someone (while not riding of course).

Even though the clear face shield is a double layer plastic, it will still fog up without the facemask. I have ridden with and without and have found that if I ride without the facemask I can lift the clear face shield sufficiently to prevent fogging and still enjoy cold wind deflection.

Also, there are some adjustments you make with the straps but I haven’t messed with it. There is also a washable filter on the inside.dsc_0021

A better look of the venting system.

Downfall for police use – it interferes with radio communications. The repetitive need to latch and unlatch throughout the day as you interact can be annoying.

I only use it in extreme cold.

If you go into a dangerous situation and want to keep the helmet on for additional safety, the facemask becomes an asset indoors; prevent fogging (i.e. active shooter). 


Here is what is looks like attached to the helmet.  






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