A-11 USAAF 92nd BG 326th BS S/Sgt M.F. Mulvihill B-17 FLYING FORTRESS

S/Sgt Michael F. Mulvihill's well worn combat used medium size A-11 flight helmet with A-14 oxygen mask.

The oxygen mask has numbers "131" painted on the front of the mask.

Right view with WW2 era "23" stamped silk scarf. The receivers are marked as ANB-H-1.

Rear view with PL-354 plug and oxygen mask's plug.

Maker's (Swan Shoe Company inc) 1944 dated label.

A well worn, sweat and combat used interior of the A-11 flight helmet.

WW2 era aviator's kit bag.

Markings of the bag.

More markings and sewed labels.

Kit bag's official markings.

Original silk scarf cut from a discarded parachute & silk glove inserts with other S/Sgt Mulvihill's items.

0.50 cal bullet tip.

Mulvihill's helmet with an USAAF used M3 flak helmet.

Bomber crews used these special manufactured anti-flack helmets covering heads from the splinters of anti-aircraft guns.

B-17 crew member wearing A-11 flight helmet, B-8 goggles and A-14 oxygen mask during Flying Legends 2008.


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