Diving with the Mutewatch


The landlord of our office, Andreas, is a fireman. Right now he’s undergoing scuba diving training to become a rescue diver. This is what Andreas says about his Mutewatch:

“I have never owned a watch that’s given me so much attention. Practically everyone I meet, especially the firemen I work with, ask me what I’m wearing. I bought a Panerai and only two or three people asked me about it during the first six months.”

At the moment we do not have a warranty in place for diving with the Mutewatch. It has passed a 100 metre pressure test but needs to undergo further testing. You can wear it when diving at your own risk. Also, we don’t recommend you to use it in the ocean as the sea-salt may damage the TPU (Andreas in the photo above, went diving in brackish water in Stockholm).

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