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The HEWEE GO urination system for men allows the user to urinate comfortably and discreetly, without the need to remove any clothing, is easy to apply and simple to use. The HEWEE GO is ideal for all types of adventure sports as well as medical applications.

This unique Custom Divers design is held securely and comfortably in position by an adjustable support belt without the need for adhesives/tapes etc. The rubber flange containing the chosen diaphragm is then fitted through the reinforced ring on the front of the support belt. The sheath is then rolled over the penis to provide a good fit with any excess left rolled. This rolled section of the sheath can then be stretched over the front part of the flange where it sits securely in position.

The male part of the snap connector is fitted to the end of the sheath and the female part is attached to a length of surgical hose/tube leading to a p-valve or a collection bag. By simply connecting the two together you are ready to use.

The P-valve enables the user to install a valve to enable urination through dry clothing. Location is commonly fitted to the inner thigh where it can be easily reached. On the dry side of the valve a flexible surgical tube is connected to the sheath. The P-valve shown above is for illustration purposes and is not included in the Hewee Go starter kit. The Hewee Go system will fit to all P-valves (balanced and non balanced valves).

The starter kit comprises of an adjustable support belt which is suitable for waist line up to 40” (a 10”extension strap is available as an accessory). Three different size sheaths 30, 35 and 40mm. Two sizes of diaphragm (small or large) and one flange. Supplied in PVC/Nylon carrying case as illustrated above. Once the user has chosen the appropriate size, they can then order replacement sheath and diaphragm kits which are available in packs of three or five.

* No adhesive or tape for fixing.
* No worries about the sheath dislodging.
* Three sizes of sheaths.
* Two sizes of diaphragm.
* Adjustable support belt system.
* Washable sheaths and diaphragms may
be re-used up to 10 times.

Materials used are as follows:-

Support Belt 
Waistband Nylon/Elastomer.
Fabric: Cotton/Polyester.

Natural gum rubber.

Natural gum rubber.

Latex rubber.

Persons with sensitivity to any of the materials listed should not use Hewee Go.

Cost Comparison
between non-reusable sheaths and Hewee
reusable sheath urination system


No. of Dives Non-reusable sheath  (1use per sheath) Hewee Go reusable sheath and diaphragm
(up to 10 uses per sheath/diaphragm)
30 £2.30 each = £69.00 £18 (pack of 3)
50 £2.30 each = £115.00 £26 (pack of 5)
100 £2.30 each = £230.00 £52 (pack of 10)

Patent No:0800310.5

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