Extend your bottom time using a urine dump valve!

No use having loads of breathing gas

if nature prevents you from concentrating.

Long working hours and deco times no longer a problem.

Relieve yourself with donned dry suit!


#11900 Urine dump valve is intended for attachment in a valve port that is permanently glued to the suit. The urine dump valve is furnished with a pressure compensation mushroom valve inside the internal nut. A silicone hose attached to the nut socket is connected to an uridome..






A valve port,

 an exhaust valve with an attachment nut furnished with a socket and a silicone hose are all included in the package








Spares and extras:

Self-adhesive uridomes (disposable)

(#11907 diameter 25 mm, #11908 ø 30 mm and #11909 ø 35 mm

Valve port blank plug #60330 for dives when not using the urine dump valve

Also available as #16900Urine dump valve low mute/non magnetic




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Urine dump valve #11900

User’s manual


Suit preparations:

Attach the valve port into the suit on the upper and inner part of the thigh, minimum 15 mm from the crotch, easy to access when setting and manually dumping the valve. (A valve port blank plug may be used whenever using the urine dump valve is redundant.)

Attach the urine dump valve into the valve port with the socket of the attachment nut pointing upwards.

The underwear will have to be penetrated (i.e. on the thigh) to give way for the hose.


Assembling hose &uridome:

To ease the insertion, angle cut the silicone hose 45º. Insert the chamfered end through the uridome extension. To secure the hose from slipping out, apply silicone sealant or Aqua sure on the last 30 mm of the hose. Pull the rest of the hose until it does not protrude into the cup of the uridome.

Adjust the length of the hose (still allowing you to stretch your legs when swimming) and cut the end perpendicular.



Relieve yourself before starting the donning. The uridome is put on the same way as a condom. Make sure no hair is snagging in the self-adhesive surface.

Put on the underwear as far as to your thighs and put the end of the hose out through the hole in the underwear. A good idea is to gently tape the hose to the body. Make sure you avoid sharp bends and squeezed hose. Put on the rest of the underwear.

Put on the suit as far as to your thighs and attach the silicone hose to the attachment nut socket. Put on the rest of the suit.



As the dump valve is under constant under pressure, the lid should be turned clockwise to full (+) to avoid back leakage.

Turn the lid counter clockwise to full (-) or push the lid towards the leg and urinate.

Don’t wait too long before relieving yourself. It’s better to urinate often.

To minimise the pressure difference, maintain a horizontal position while urinating.



Open the urine dump valve lid to a full (-).

Open the suit and underwear.

Squeeze as much urine as possible out of the hose, from the uridome and outwards through the valve.

Disconnect the hose from the attachment nut socket. If possible, cover the socket to avoid further spill/leakage. Remove the uridome.

 After doffing the suit, remove the dump valve, rinse it and insert the blank plug if available. Uridomes are preferably used once only. The entire valve and the disconnected silicon hose should be washed in luke warm soap water and then thoroughly rinsed in cold water.

Store with the hose disconnected after use.

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