P-Bag and P-Bag SAP

Urine bag for men AND for women


P-BAG SAP is the perfect Uni-Sex alternative to mini toilet for all
outdoor leisure activities, truck drivers and...
The Superabsorber polymer inside the bag immediately alters the
urine into gel; up to a capacity of 1,2 to 1,5 litres. 

P-BAG is the perfect replacement for bedpan and urine bottle:
- lower cost
- less workload
- no odour
- increased patient integrity



a simple way to urinate under extreme conditions in marine and air applications


The SAFE-P Airborne (Basic/Refill) is suitable for pilots and paratroopers as well as in any other application where the male person is using pants that allow the connection between urodome and urine collection bag positioned on the leg of the carrier in a straightforward way. For fighter pilots using G-outfit, that does not allow a straightforward connection between urodome and urine collection bag, the SAFE-P Air Force (Basic/Refill) is the right choice. 

The SAFE-P Navy (Basic/Refill) is the same as SAFE-P Airborne with one important exception; it contains an automatic pressure balance system between urine handling system and surrounding pressure in the dry suit.




Aqua Clean Pack is a brand new product of CAS AB. Aqua Clean Pack will be presented in its separate website www.aquapack.ch (currently under construction).

Please use our Feedback Form to get information about Aqua Clean Pack.



a completely new aid for respiration by resistance


  • Easy to use
  • Easy and stepless adjustment
  • Easy to take along
  • Easy to clean in hot water
  • Low price

All Cup

The new " sampling-container " with all in one function


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