O'Three P-Valve

O'Three P-Valve 
The O'Three P-Valve is now NATO tested and approved!

The O'Three P-Valve enables male divers to urinate whilst submerged. All components, from the nickel-plated non-ferrous metal to the main nylon body are machined and finished to the highest standard. A short length of surgical latex hose connects to a quality penile sheath via a positive snap connector.

The self-adhesive sheaths can be applied several hours before use. The applicator is thrown away after the sheath is in-place. Just before you zip up, connect your sheath and you're "ready to go.''
The P-Valve is a straight flow through design. Extensive
deep-water trials have proven that there is no need for an internal non-return valve. The users bladder is experiencing ambient pressure.

Step by step instructions make it easy to fit to all types of drysuit. Alternatively, it can be fitted by O'Three by prior

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