USA jockey half helmet black S,M/L,XL/XXL [motorcycle Harley half bow tie half Hel half cap]

It is selling by subscription average for the next time arrival. 
It is an arrival plan at the 9/14 time, 
I ship it on the arrival. 
Because there is not stock now 
I ask not to make any accident. 

US size jockey helmet black list price 4,980 yen 

It is the half helmet of the "jockey" style according to the name. The "slim design shell only for us! " 
Saliva small-sized briefly and a deep hat body. The design of the side where an ear runs away to well. 
Put on the shell which I molded in conformity to the Japanese head cool in 眼深 without it being in "a matchstick state" to be seen in a public half helmet and can expect a small face effect. An original design. 
It is hard to touch an ear and can greatly put on the opened Y character belt without sense of incongruity. 
The D ring release that wearing is simple. 
Favorite clamping is easily possible anytime. 
A product made in light, strong ABS resin. 
S: Head wall 53-55cm 
M/L: Head wall 56-58cm 
XL/XXL: Head wall 59-61cm 

Because it becomes the personal ornaments, the use in the public road give me a reserve. 

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