USA ducktail half helmet white S,M/L,XL/XXL [motorcycle Harley half bow tie half Hel half cap]


USA ducktail helmet white 

It is a half hat it is shallow, and to be able to put on. 
I produced it from the model in the Japanese newly. 

The front that considered the balance with sunglasses and the bikie sunshade without being too shallow. 
It features the line where R for the rear worked from the front. 

Put on the shell which I molded in conformity to the Japanese head cool in 眼深 without it being in "a matchstick state" to be seen in a public half helmet and can expect a small face effect. 

It is hard to touch an ear and can greatly put on the opened Y character belt without sense of incongruity. 
The D ring release that wearing is simple. 
Favorite clamping is easily possible anytime. 

A product made in light, strong ABS resin. 

S: Head wall 53-55cm 
M/L: Head wall 56-58cm 
XL/XXL: Head wall 59-61cm 

Because it becomes the personal ornaments, the use in the public road give me a reserve. 

Of list price 2,100 yenSticker setWhen I have you order it at the を same time, it discounts sticker charges to about half price! 
I hear it for 5,980 yen with helmet + sticker set. 
Please specify it with sticker set hope at the time of a helmet order. 
As for the designation of A or B, do not forget either! ! 

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