Horsehead Mask is all the rage

Maybe you’ve been walking down a lonely street after a long night of drinking. Out of the shadows you see, what looks to be a person. It’s stride seems to indicate that it’s a human, but there’s something amiss. Sure, you are intoxicated but there’s no mistaking what you are looking at. There is a person with the head of a horse. That’s right, a man with a horsehead is coming in your direction. What do you do? If you’re anything like me, you’d chat him up and ask him if you can snap a pic on your iPhone because no one is going to believe you just saw a centaur. When you awake sober and start posting your pics on facebook, the joke will be on you because you encountered the crazy fad known as Horsehead. Everyone loves a horse head and looks good one in.

Check out some of these awesome displays of Horsehead Fun:

Horsehead drunk

drunk horsehead guy

Flannel twins and horsehead

horsehead sleeveless tee

Probably not safe to do this

Love is in the air!

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