Wolf Tide / Corey Arnold



摄影师Corey Arnold同时也是一名商业渔民。

这是他的“Wolf  Tide”系列。

非常感谢Corey Arnold将项目介绍和项目图片授权gooood发行。
Appreciation towards XCorey Arnold for providing the following description:

Corey is a photographer and Alaskan commercial fisherman. From 2003-2010 he worked as a
deckhand on the Bering Sea crabber f/v Rollo and more recently, captains a wild salmon
gillnetting operation in Bristol Bay, Alaska.  The off season is filled with travel, gallery
exhibitions, magazine and ad photography assignments mixed with a bit of backyard gardening,
cat maintenance, and skateboarding in Portland, Oregon.

He is currently working on a life long project entitled FISH-WORK which chronicles the
commercial fishing lifestyle throughout the world. In 2010, a PEW foundation commission led
to the Fish-Work Europe series, photographing aboard fishing vessels in eight European
countries. in 2005, he received an American Scandinavian Foundation grant to photograph the
fishermen and whalers of Northern Norway.  Corey was recently nominated for the Aperture
West Book Prize and the Santa Fe Prize for Photography, and named one of PDNs 30 for 2009.
His pictures have been featured in The Paris Review, Esquire, Whitewall, Artweek, Outside,
American Photo, Juxtapoz and many others
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