Message 2554, May 28, 2001
As regards the "F-15/F-16 Pilot NBC set", I am not sure if any of any of you noticed this particular detail, but SCANTEK had two images of the auction item that bear out Pilot's suggested association of this item with WPAFB. Check out the two attached pictures, copied from the auction site. The first one shows a view of the interior of the hood and at the bottom you can see the hood's spec label. If one looks closely, one may make out the word "WRIGHT" superimposed over a number--both written in felt-tip pen on the lower right side of this label. In the next image, the close detail view of the label, you can note that the written identifying information has been deliberately obscured (blotted out with the same felt-tip ink). This slip obviously escaped the attention of SCANTEK, but it clearly establishes Wright-Patterson AFB link. (Elementary, my dear Watson!).
Interesting, I thought. The price is right for this set, however, since it is the correct high altitude (fighter, F15/F-16) NBC version of the TAERS assembly (with selectable aircraft 02 system/ambient filtering bypass manifold connector to NBC filter)--the MBU-18/P TAERS is used mainly for 'low & slow' rotary wing ops (it is slightly less expensive than the MBU-19/P PIHM) and does not have this 02/ambient selector manifold component. While they are no longer THAT rare, examples of the system are still scarce enough to command $200 (in my opinion)--particularly as this specimen appears to be from WPAFB and is in completely intact, overall excellent condition. Compare this with the $1200 prices that that Canadian fellow was selling (and still is) his AR-5 UK RAF NBC system on eBay for! (Geez!).
Cheers, Doc(Sherlock)Boink
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