US Military Aviation

US Military Aviation
Flight Equipments USAF 60s-70s

Miscelaneous images of flight equipment used by USAF from early 60s through the end of 70s.

USAF CWU-1/P orange Flight suit 1961

USAF PCU-15/P harness and LPU-2/P life presever.

USAF SRU-21/P survival vest. (

USAF Phantom pilot Col.Robin Olds 1967. (USAF)

USAF K-2B flight suit.

USAF F-105 pilots during 1969. (USAF)

USAF AC-130 Spectre crew. (USAF)

USAF MC-3A partial pressure high altitude flight suit.

USAF full pressure suit A/P 22S-3. This suit was the USAF version of the USN Mark IV

USAF test pilot Francis Gary Powers with MC-3A suit near an U-2 spyplane. (USAF)

USAF pilot Dennis Sullivan with S-901 full pressure suit in the cockpit of an A-12 spyplane. (USAF)

USAF SR-71 pilots Dick Gerard and Ron Selberg with S-970 full pressure suits. (USAF)

USAF pilot Ronald "Jack" Layton in the cockpit of an YF-12A. (USAF)

USAF experimental oxygen mask MBU-7/P. This mask was intended to replace the MBU-5/P during the late 70s but it was never put into production.

USAF experimental oxygen mask MBU-7/P tested during the late 70S on fighters F-105's and F-4's.

USAF anti-g garment CSU-13/BP in blue color.

USAF MC-4 high altitude partial pressure suit. (Maurizio Bressan)

USAF MBU-13/P oxygen mask for use in a biological/chemical war zone. This mask manufactured by Sierra in the late 70s is worn with the protective hood worn over the flight helmet.

USAF early type of SRU-21/P Survival Vest.

USAF oxygen mask with quick donning harness system. Harness tension may be adjusted by moving the slide buckle on each cord to the helmet connector and by turning the knurled knob at the end of the mask lever. This mask is probably designed as MBU-6/P

USAF MB-2 anti-g suit. (bellsaviation)

Very rare S&W M12 "Aircrewman" revolver. The 2" M10 replaced the M12 Aircrewman because it was a bit dangerous with it's aluminum cylinder and the M10 was identical, just made of steel. However, it doesn't appear that the "snubby" M10's were used much by aircrews since they had thousands of M15's and associated gear (Information by Justin Brooks)

S&W M12 "Aircrewman" revolver with USAF holster (Information by Justin Brooks)

S&W Mod. 15 revolver was adopted by USAF in the 1962 to 1985 when Beretta M9 was adopted and the wheelgun was phased out (Information by Justin Brooks)

Holster for S&W Mod. 15 revolver as used on USAF SRU-21/P Survival vest. (Information by Justin Brooks)

USAF MBU-19/P PIHM O-Mask (protective intergrated hood mask). These were issued to low G Aircrew from approx 1985-2000 to guard against CBW operations.

Survival knife and relevant pocket as used on USAF SRU-21/P Survival vest.


USAF SRU-21/P Survival items. This is the list with the relevant National Stock Number of the SRU-21/P contents:
8465-00-177-4819 Survival Vest; 6515-00-383-0565 Tourniquet; 5820-00-782-5308 AN/PRC-90 Survival Radio; 1305-00-301-1692 .38 caliber tracer ammunition; 1305-00-322-6391 .38 caliber ball ammunition; 1005-00-835-9773 Revolver, .38 caliber; 9920-00-999-6753 Lighter, butane; 6350-00-105-1252 Mirror, signaling; 6545-00-782-6412 Survival kit, individual tropical; 1370-00-490-7362 Signal kit, foliage penetrating; 6230-00-938-1778 Light, distress marker, SDU-5/E; 8465-00-634-4499 Bag, storage, drinking water; 5110-00-162-2205 Knife, pocket; 4240-00-300-2138 Net, gill, fishing; 6605-00-151-5337 Compass, magnetic, lensatic.

USAF pilots and RIOs from 555th TFS, 432nd TRW during the 1972 (USAF)

USAF pilot Capt. Barnhill in 1965 with unusual 2" barrel holster in brown (USAF)

USAF test pilot during high altitude test on YF-16 at Edwards AFB during the 1974. (USAF)

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