Bane's mask; In the movie, it dispensed anesthetic and thus, relieving Bane from his suffering. Anesthetic are known to be distributed via pipes from the two canisters at the rear.

The movie version costume was on display in Singapore during the premier of TDKR. Thus, we are able to capture the details of the mask from a 360 degree unblock view. I would not say my mask is 100% screen accurate, it is definitely the best it could get based on information gather from a distance of one arm's length apart. Most of the mask out in the market are more or less the same. What set our masks difference from the rest are finer details like screw beside canister, webbing pattern at rear, crisscross pattern at four of the tubes, screen like dimensions of tubes at mouthpiece, much more details at pipes and around canister, coloring, symmetrical shape of mask. .. etc


*In conjunction with the release of TDKR , the film's authentic costumes were displayed right here in SINGAPORE.

It was an awe-inspiring moment to see the costumes close-up!

Different materials are used in the movie version, but for mine, we only used urethane for its flexibility and ability to retain its color during stretching. We have a small hoisting at the mouthpiece that can fit a voice changer like those made from HyTechToys. The mask was hand made, so painting might vary slightly. Although the mask is not elastic, you can still easily breath with correct positioning. You can also do so DIY with regards to breathing by poking holes through the beehive part of the mouthpiece. Completing the outlook by adding a layer of medical mask pad (need to dye black).

Mask easily fits up to 60cm in head circumference. For those with smaller head circumference, you can add sponge or cotton pad to fill the gap just like a motorcycle helmet.

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